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Technical Syllabus

Stay On The Ball Coaching’s curriculum follows the SOTBC technical cycle which consists of 6 key areas of development.

All 6 key areas work on a number of different techniques, skills, conditioned games and free play games that are scenario based or player directed.

1 – Ball manipulation & first touch

Ball manipulation and first touch is the foundation of every player’s development, at SOTBC we encourage our players to be exciting, to “stay on the ball” and master the ball using both feet. 

2 – Speed, agility & quickness

Sessions designed to improve our players speed & agility with and without the ball and our players will also learn the “SOTBC 5 turning techniques”.

3 – Individual attacking and defending techniques 

Games and practices that focus on individual attacking and defending techniques, at SOTBC we work on 5 types of 1v1 that enable you to outplay your opponent. 

1 – Defender in front.

2 – Defender adding pressure from behind.

3 – Defender adding pressure from the side.

4 – Defender adding pressure from an angle.

5 – No defensive pressure due to good movement to avoid pressure.

4 – Passing & Receiving 

Games and practices that focus on a range of different passing and receiving techniques, players will also master the “SOTBC 5 passing techniques”. 

5 – Goal scoring opportunities and finishing

Players learn to master the “SOTBC  5 finishing techniques” and to be creative and instinctive in front of goal.

6 – Team play

Small sided games that have different scenarios & conditions to encourage players to combine with each other.