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Stay On The Ball Coaching was founded in 2018 by coach Dean Roome who wanted to provide high quality football & futsal coaching sessions to players of all abilities and backgrounds.

At Stay On The Ball Coaching we deliver sessions that have been designed to follow an academy syllabus as you would find at a professional football club and we exist to offer extra football sessions to all those players from beginners, grassroots players and to players already signed by academies.

We recognise that we are living in a time, where children only play football with the supervision of coaches. Therefore, our coaching sessions ensure we give time for children to explore, love and play the game. We believe that self-discovery and peer learning are also extremely important ingredients to player development and look to include this in all of our coaching sessions.

Our coaching sessions are NOT designed to have too many rules, line practices or rotation of where players need to be next in order for our sessions to work, instead we focus more on the children and how they are moving off the ball, turning, staying on the ball, mastering the ball, receiving, dribbling, passing, interacting and making decisions for themselves whilst playing the game.